Conquest Planning Inc.

All clients are unique, all situations are different.

In a large universe of financial strategies with infinite combinations,

the next best financial decision is not always clear.

Financial Planning can be complicated, but your software doesn’t have to be.

Welcome to Conquest Planning

A financial planning software solution built & maintained by experts

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A modern, accurate & responsive financial planning software solution

A FLEXIBLE platform


Built on an OPEN API


Our Story

Conquest Planning is a FinTech company that is developing an innovative solution for the financial services industry.

The team at Conquest Planning has over 200 years of experience in building & supporting financial planning software.

We’ve blended our knowledge, industry expertise and ingenuity with modern technology, evolved design & agile development methodologies.

We are ready to disrupt the financial planning software space again.


We are in build mode but more than happy to answer any inquiries.