Canadian fintech Conquest Planning raises $3m seed funding

The startup aims to help its customers become more financially literate through its AI financial planning software.

Conquest Planning, a Canadian fintech company who are trying to disrupt traditional financial planning software, has raised $3m seed funding with investments from early-stage investor Portag3 Ventures and Eight Roads.

Founded in 2018, Conquest is looking to shake-up financial planning software, traditionally used by financial advisors and some consumers. The startup’s plan is to use modern tech like artificial intelligence to better educate people about their finances.

“With a long history in the financial planning technology space, our founding team was able to leverage our experience to re-imagine a more engaging and efficient financial planning process for advisors and customers”, said Dr Mark Evans, the president and CEO of Conquest.

Evans said Conquest’s aim is to get more people to plan their financial lives through the use of tools like Conquest’s AI platform.

A condition of the funding will see Stephanie Choo, a partner at Portag3 Ventures, and Michael Sim from the FinTech Strategic Investments team at Eight Roads join the board of Conquest.

Sim added: “We believe the way people interact with their finances is changing, and so will the type of advice and support they seek.”

“In Conquest, we've found an experienced team that has designed software that will vastly improve the client-advisor experience, giving many more people access to personalised financial plans”.

The company says the platform is available in Canada and the UK.

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